Ambassadress of ZNS – Hannelore Kohl Foundation

Bild von Eva Lind als Botschafterin der ZNSI support the ZNS – Hannelore Kohl Foundation: each year in Germany alone, 270,000 human beings sustain a craniocerebral injury. The sufferers and their families need our help and so I am very glad to help spread the word for this foundation.

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Care Austria

Bild von Eva Lind als Botschafterin Care Austria

It is also a very special concern for me as ambassadress of CARE International to support the important work of this organisation, like the development projects in Burundi which I have recently visited.

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Brot für die Welt (bread for the world)

Bild von Eva Lind als Botschafterin von Brot für die Welt

Brot für die Welt (bread for the world) is another cause which I actively support with many others. One of my commitments here is to a school project in Togo, which I support with the proceeds of my benefit concerts.

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